Purchasing a home

When purchasing, finding the home is just the first step

Purchasing a home can, and should be a wonderful and exciting experience, but without the right representation it can be a negative and costly proposition.
Knowing the market, the pricing, the level of equity potential over time and making sure to perform the proper due diligence are just a few of the steps that need to happen in order to have not only an enjoyable process, but to make a financially smart decision.

The Real Estate market is now filled with potential pitfalls, you need the absolute best in the industry to navigate to a home that is not only right for you, but is also the proper investment for your goals. Experience is the best defense for a purchaser in this market, and our experience is unmatched. For decades we have practiced what we preach, with an unparalleled personal investment portfolio that has been cultivated and grown even in tumultuous Real Estate markets, we prove first hand that our knowledge of the market trends have been spot on. Any agent can sell you a home, but check to see if they buy for themselves, and if so, what has been their success rate?

In the state of Oregon the Seller pays all Real Estate commissions. Since you have the choice of any agent, why not choose the most knowledgeable and experienced? Why not choose a team rather than a single agent?

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.