Open House Visit Guide For Every Home Buyer

Open House Visit Guide For Every Home Buyer

Open houses are an integral part of real estate. It is a practice that has been around for years and will stay as the gold standard for home selling and buying in the years to come. But as a home buyer, are you making the most of this opportunity?

Zillow enumerates some of the best practices during an open house regardless which part of the buying spectrum you belong:

Use the open house to learn the market before committing

There are plenty of opportunities that buyers can take advantage of in an open house. It is when buyers and even the non-serious ones could see a property without an appointment. It is also a great time for new buyers to get a feel of the market and determine pricing before they commit to an agent.

You don’t have to sign in (but don’t be rude)

While it’s common for some agents to be all over a buyer during an open house and try to get information so they could be at their back for the next three weeks, it’s still common courtesy to say hello and recognize the agent whenever you go to one. If you do not want to sign in, decline but do it in a polite manner.

For active buyers, it is wise to let yourself known to the seller’s agent as well give them your agent’s information. Agents want to put a face to a name when they review offers and introducing yourself early on will be of your advantage.

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