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Are You a North Star Home Owner?

We are in your shoes. As owners of our own investment portfolios, our focus is keeping eyes on the assets of our clients and helping them determine what is the best plan for their property. As long time Real Estate agents, our creation of North Star has been a strategic move with a huge benefit to our sellers.

Did you know?

North Star Property Management was started by the owners of Nieland Homes Real Estate as a way to help their clients smoothly transition into or out of the Portland Real Estate market.

The Nieland Homes Real Estate group was originally formed in 1972, and through two generations and decades in the industry has been one of the top performing real estate brokerage groups in the Portland area. Our expertise and collaboration with North Star tenants and owners gives you a huge advantage in the Real Estate Market

It’s All About Relationships

Home sellers are always asking where the buyers are and how to reach them. After the market crash in 2007 and the subsequent market trend, an extraordinarily high number of quality buyers are first choosing to lease a property before purchasing to get a better feel on where they want to live. As the top high end property management company in Portland, North Star holds a significant number of these buyers transitioning from leasing to owning. Roughly 80% of the tenants North Star manages will end up purchasing. If you couple that with our relationships with the relocation companies and other Real Estate agents, no one has better access to the existing and future buyer pools in this market.

Your Team

Most of the team that you work with already will be helping you with the sale of your home, or purchase of additional investment properties. Most of our North Star tenants will be purchasing a home, private exposure of your home to this segment of the market gives you a big advantage as a seller. We have consistently been one of the top agent groups for decades and North Star has been a tremendous boost to our market share. We would like to put this experience and success to work for you.

Buy a Home

Your primary residence is an investment in yourself and your family.

Sell Your Home

We know the agents, the neighbors and the community. And they know us. 

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