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Your Real Estate representative must have a distinct marketing advantage to be able to give you the maximum exposure, a long history in the industry to know the correct pricing and strategy, and the experience to know the market better than anyone else.  That, however, is just the beginning.  Knowing how to guide you through the sales process, negotiations, inspections, title and escrow, plus other issues such as the potential for 1031 exchange, etc. are fundamental to the selling process and maximizing the return on your investment.

This is the Nieland Team

For over 40 years we have been building our business, allowing you to immediately plug into what works to sell your home as soon as possible and at the highest price.  We are unmatched in our drive to find vehicles to market your property.

Marketing is much more than a Web posting or a magazine advertisement, it is leveraging affiliations and contacts in order to achieve the maximum exposure.

We of course have the basics, including contacts within the community, agent affiliations, robust print and media marketing campaigns as well as a strong reputation.  But it is the “out of the box” thinking that has had the largest effect.  We have focused on building affiliations where the home buyers are located, including partnerships with large local employers such as Nike, Intel, Columbia Management, D.A. Davidson and many others.  Our contact base includes Human Resource departments, mobility departments, relocation companies and property management companies.  In fact, we own North Star Property Management, the most exclusive upper end property management company in Portland.  This gives our listings direct exposure to the one place where buyers have been living over the last few years – in the rental market.  While other agents have focused on survival during a tough Real Estate market, we have ventured out to expand our business into areas that can grow the Real Estate sales market, putting us, and you, at a distinct advantage in this rebounding Real Estate climate.

History, experience and diversity are extremely important when selling your home.  Erin Nieland started selling Real Estate in 1970 and is very well respected in Real Estate circles.  This is important, because buyer agents who are searching for a home for their client don’t just look at a price of a home.  They realize that transactions are long and many times tumultuous, so they are looking for listing agents who can bring the transactions to a close by operating with fairness, a positive attitude and by absolutely knowing this business.  Our reputation helps propel us, and our owners, time and time again to a top level of success in the industry.  Because we are a multi-generational team, your level of exposure to different age groups, marketing techniques and technology maximizes price and minimizes time on the market.

We welcome a meeting with you to explain how partnering with us is the best thing that you can do to achieve your Real Estate goals.