How to Deal With a Low Ball Offer on Your Portland Oregon Home

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By Nieland Homes

PORTLAND, Ore. – So your Portland Oregon Home is for sale and you’ve just received a low ball offer, what do you do?

Although low ball offers are not uncommon in Real Estate they may come as a shock to some homeowners but the good thing is that an owner can prepare for a low ball offer by following these simple tips.

Tip #1 – Don’t Get Emotional

Yes, you’ve loved living in your home and feel that it’s worth the price you want to sell it for but you also have to remember that Real Estate is a business and as with any business there will be buyers who will submit low ball offers for the product that they want to buy.

Turn your home into a “product” by removing all personal touches then start moving your furniture and possessions from the home so that when you receive the first offer you will be able to easily see your home as a “product” instead of your treasured family home.

#2 – Remember That You Are In Control

During the process of listing your Portland Oregon Home for sale it’s important to remember that YOU are in control and you have the final say when it comes to accepting an offer or not.

If your circumstance dictates that you need to sell your home fast because you need the money, or you purchased another home, make sure you consult with your agent and accept the right offer.

#3 – Be Willing To Make a Counter Offer

Last of all, but most important, you should be willing to make a counter offer if a buyer submits a low ball offer on your home because there may be some buyers who are genuinely interested in your home but they feel the need to first submit a low offer so you shouldn’t let that initial low ball offer shock or deter you from negotiating with a buyer.

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