How to Buy Luxury Portland Oregon Real Estate

How to Buy Luxury Portland Oregon Real Estate


By Nieland Homes

PORTLAND, Ore. –  So you’re thinking about buying Luxury Portland Oregon Real Estate before the end of the fiscal year, this makes sense especially since mortgage interest rates are still so low right now but, how do you go about buying luxury Real Estate if you’ve never bought a luxury home before?

In this post we will share with you several tips for buying a Luxury Home in Portland Oregon.

Financing a Luxury Portland Oregon Home Purchase

When buying a luxury Portland Oregon Home you will be required to have a come up with a down payment of 31 percent and since the loan approval process can take 60 days or longer it’s best to meet with your lender with all of your financial documentation including the following:

  • Proof of cash reserves
  • Tax Revenue
  • Your tax assets
  • Employment verification or proof of business

Let’s say that you own over 25 percent of a company, in this instance you will be asked to provide additional documentation including your 1120’s. K-1’s and profit/loss statement.

Don’t Rush It

When buying a luxury home in Portland Oregon its best to take your time since several inspectors will be needed to inspect the home and this could take up to 10 hours or longer, especially if you are paying in cash, you should take as long as you need so you feel 100% comfortable with your home purchase.

Hire a Portland Oregon Real Estate Agent

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