5 Ways to Turn Off a Portland Oregon Home Buyer

5 Ways to Turn Off a Portland Oregon Home Buyer

By Nieland Homes Are you planning on selling your Portland Oregon Home in the coming months? If so, make sure you get your home ready for sale correctly by avoiding these 5 simple mistakes which can easily turn off home buyers. #1 – Dirt One of the first ways you can easily turn off a […]

Fun Things to Do In Portland Oregon

Fun Things to Do In Portland Oregon

By Nieland Homes One of the great things about life in Portland Oregon is that there’s always plenty of things to see and do here especially during the summer months. In this article we will cover fun things do see and do in Portland Oregon that you can add to your itinerary for this summer. […]

What Are The Best Improvements You Should Make To Your Portland Oregon Home?

By Nieland Homes There’s no denying that now is the perfect time for you to sell your Portland Oregon Home because, thanks to low mortgage interest rates, and high demand for homes, more buyers than ever before are searching for the perfect Portland Oregon Home for sale. Before selling you should consider making the following […]

Portland Oregon Home Buyers – Here’s How to Get Your Offer Noticed

By Nieland Homes Portland Oregon Home Buyers are searching for homes for sale right now because, it’s summer buying season and thanks to historically low mortgage interest rates now is the right time to buy a home but, the downside is that with more buyers hitting the streets this also means more competition for buyers […]

What Could Hurt The Sale Of Your Portland Oregon Home?

By Nieland Homes You’re getting excited about listing your Portland Oregon Home for sale and have been taking the right steps to prepare it for listing including de-cluttering and staging the home but, did you know that there are 3 hidden things which can KILL the sale of your home? In this post I will […]

What Dangers To Look Out For In A Portland Oregon Realtor

By Nieland Homes So you’re searching for a Portland Oregon Realtor to buy your first home but before you say yes to hiring them have asked yourself if they have any of the “danger signs” which should be avoided? In this article I will break down 8 danger signs you should avoid in a Portland […]

3 Reasons To Stage Your Portland Oregon Home Before Listing It For Sale

By Nieland Homes PORTLAND, Ore. – So you’re planning on selling your Portland Oregon Home but have you considered staging it before listing your home for sale? In 2015 the reality with staging a home to sell is an effective part of selling a home for the most money but you should also be staging […]

Move To Portland Oregon and Have a Work-Life Balance

By Nieland Homes PORTLAND, ORE –There are many great things to love about Portland Oregon including: great food, awesome beer, a thriving arts scene and plenty of recreational opportunities but in 2015 one of the best things to love about the city is that it’s also a great place to live if you want a […]

How To Improve The Living Room In Your Portland Home Without Spending A Lot Of Money

By Nieland Homes Besides the kitchen and bathroom in your Portland Home, your living room is the area of your home where you spend the most time. These steps will help you improve the look of your living room and get your home ready for sale if you plan on selling your home in the […]

Oregon Tops Other States For Relocation – Will The Trend Continue?

By Nieland Homes Thanks to a recent study from United Van Lines we know that more people chose to relocate to Oregon last year than any other state in the United States. Out of 128,000 moves, United Van Lines found that close to 70 percent of their moves were inbound to Oregon and most movers […]