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The Nieland Family

Your success relies on the strength of your partners. The Nieland Homes strength stems from an enormous amount of history in the community, relationships with other agents, and expertise with the market. Buyers and sellers need a real estate empire, not just a real estate agent.

  • Amazing Homes

  • World Class Marketing

  • International Exposure

  • Local Immersion

  • Premier Service

Work with The Nielands

Whether you are buying or selling, we take care of every detail. With a family of three agents working together with you, we can help you achieve all of your goals.


Keep up on market trends and what is happening in our area.


Erin started in Real Estate in the Portland area in 1972. Her sons, Quinn and John, joined her in the early 1990s. Daughter-in-law Nicole joined in the 2020s.


The Nieland family has spent nearly 50 years forming incredibly strong Real Estate alliances. From corporations such as Nike, Intel, OHSU and the downtown financial firms to international relocation and portfolio organizations such as Cartus and Luxury Portfolio International®.


Consistently being one of the top agent groups for decades, we have developed unmatched experience that is the most important tool for our clients.


Much like the top agents in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, the Nieland family owns the #1 high-end property management company in Portland and Bend. This allows us to capture previously unreachable buyers and listings for you.


North Star Property Management is run by President Kate Dayton and a crew of 12 employees, they exclusively feed Nieland Homes this private source of buyers and soon to be buyers for their listings, as well as groups of unlisted homes prior to going online.