17 Ways to Add Value to Your Portland Oregon Home

17 Ways to Add Value to Your Portland Oregon Home


Summer is quickly winding down but if you plan on selling your Portland Oregon Home now is the best time to sell because, many home buyers will want to purchase homes before the fall or they will stop their home search before winter due to the holidays.

Before listing your Portland Oregon Home for sale make sure you follow these 17 tips you can use to increase the value of your home.

Tip 1 – Improve curb appeal by planting new trees and flowers plus repaint wood fences and rehab or replace your mailbox.

Tip #2 – Clean windows inside and out.

Tip #3 – Repaint your front door a bold color and repaint the interior doors to your home as well.

Tip #4 – Paint your kitchen cabinets white because, white goes well with any decorating choice.

Tip #5 – Replace old cabinet hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms. This includes replacing door knobs and handles.

Tip #6 – Clean your refrigerator, medicine cabinets and closets.

Tip #7 – Add more space to your home by removing large pieces of furniture like couches, coffee tables and chairs.

Tip #8 – Create “conversation spaces” by adding small chairs grouped with end tables. This creates the illusion of space even in a smaller home.

Tip #9 – Remove carpeting from bathrooms and replace with vinyl, tile or wood flooring.

Tip #10 – Hire a professional designer for one hour to get their ideas for things you can do to improve your home.

Tip #11 – Rent a power washer to spray down your roof, gutters and exterior walls of your home.

Tip #12 – Start boxing up and removing all excess or unused items from your home now.

Tip 13 – Replace all light bulbs in your Portland Oregon Home including bulbs in your closets or garage.

Tip 14 – Remove and replace all old rugs, floor mats or outdated carpeting from your home.

Tip #15 – Purchase new light fixtures for your kitchen and dining room.

Tip #16 – Paint the walls inside your home neutral colors but don’t hesitate to paint one or more walls a bright color since accent walls can really define a room.

Tip #17 – Send your pets on a “holiday” before potential buyers arrive since some buyers may not like pets.

Sell Your Portland Oregon Home

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