5 Ways to Turn Off a Portland Oregon Home Buyer

5 Ways to Turn Off a Portland Oregon Home Buyer

By Nieland Homes

Are you planning on selling your Portland Oregon Home in the coming months? If so, make sure you get your home ready for sale correctly by avoiding these 5 simple mistakes which can easily turn off home buyers.

#1 – Dirt

One of the first ways you can easily turn off a Portland Oregon Home buyer is having a dirty home.

Your home should be clean inside and outside because, a dirty home will lead a home buyer have negative thoughts about your home and wonder what else may be wrong with your house.

#2 – Odors

Home buyers are very particular when it comes to smells especially if the smells are from pets.

Before you have buyers show up to view your home make sure you air out your home thoroughly and place dryer sheets in the vents for your central heating and AC system so that when the air comes on buyers will smell a nice fresh scent.

#3 – Old Fixtures

You may have owned your home since the 1990’s but that doesn’t mean that buyers will appreciate the gold faucets and 90’s décor in your bathrooms.

Update your home by removing outdated fixtures including old cabinet or drawer to give your home a new, fresh feeling.

#4 – Wallpaper

Most home buyers these days do not lover wallpaper and it’s actually more difficult to get a home buyer to see beyond horrible wallpaper than it is for a buyer to look at white colored walls.

Remove old wallpaper and repaint walls neutral colors to give them a fresh, updated feel.

#5 – Popcorn Ceilings

Last of all, but most important, if your home has the iconic popcorn ceilings from the 1960’s and 1970’s you should spend the weekend scraping off the popcorn ceiling texture because, this is another thing that easily dates a home.

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